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11 Şubat 2024 - 19:15


Edership: The Deep-rooted Story of Boat Rental

The origins of the boat rental business date back to 1949. Albert Kretschmann was one of the first entrepreneurs to start a boat rental business on the Edersee, receiving permission from the then waterways authority in Hannoversch Münden. While only 6-oared boats were rented in those years, the business expanded over time and the first electric boats began to be used.

In 1978, Albert Kretschmann’s stepson, Bernd Stobrawa, took over the business and continued the business with the help of his mother, Elisabeth Kretschmann. Norbert and Andrea Peil later joined the boat rental business and made significant contributions to the development of the company.

Over time, electric boat rentals have become more popular and the company has focused on renting high-quality electric boats. During this period, the Peil family gained experience in the field of motor boat and yacht trading, carried the business into the future and constantly expanded the fleet.

Today, Edership’s fleet includes more than 40 vessels, offering customers options to suit every need. Edership continues to offer sea lovers an unforgettable experience with its deep-rooted history and vision for the future.

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